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Welcome2Work (W2W) is a book, and series of student forums, designed to help teenagers get and keep a job. W2W is a component of the Dale Caldwell Foundation, a non profit organization.

School to Work to Success

This book answers many important questions including:

  • How can school prepare me for a job?
  • Can I learn time management?
  • How do I create a resume that will be effective in today’s job market?
  • What are good interview skills?
  • How do I pick the right company to work for?
  • Why are ethics important?
  • Can dressing for success help me in my career?
  • What is career related health and why is it important?
  • How do I get promoted?
  • What is career management?
  • How do I manage my money?
  • Why should I vote?
  • What is life management?
  • Why is it important to help others?


Learn the rules of professional and life success as this book fills the void of school-to-work-to-success advice for high school and college students. In order to easily understand critical points, the author grouped the information into important lists to be found in each of the 20 chapters. Recommendations and useful exercises after each chapter are also included. Three sections divide the book: Finding a Job, Succeeding at Work, Financial and Life Planning. Indeed a helpful guide for anyone who is looking for self-improvement toward a successful life.

Classroom Press Conference

The Classroom Press Conference (CPC) was created by the Dr. Dale Caldwell Foundation. It invites professionals to a school to engage in career exploration discussions with students and operates using the following steps

The CPC program takes place at a high School or college. We typically have a corporate sponsor and 10 to 20 successful professionals (role models) who donate just two hours of their time. We ask the participating role models to send a brief bio and information on their company to DCF several weeks before the program. We work with the school to teach students what a reporter does and help them develop questions. The CPC begins with breakfast and networking among mentors. Students then escort the executives to their respective classes where they will be questioned by the students. The students enhance their literacy skills by writing an article about the press conference. This unique program is fun for the mentors and a great way for students to learn about role models and career opportunities they otherwise would not know about. Each student receives Dr. Dale Caldwell’s School To Work To Success book to ensure that their learning is sustainable. Click here for more information

1. Select a partner school and schedule a CPC date

2. Identify 10 to 20 Role Models to Participate

3. Share a 1 page bio with the Teacher of the Role Model’s class

4. Students question the Role Model during the CPC Program

5. The Students write an article about the Press Conference

6. The best article wins a cash or other award

For more information visit: https://classroompressconference.com/

An innovative way to connect successful professionals with students

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