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Fathers Make A Difference (FMAD)

Resource Sessions

  • Resources for teenage dads
  • Parenting special needs children
  • How to style a girl’s hair
  • Learning how to forgive your father
  • Supporting LGBTQ children
  • Father’s Rights 101
  • The 411 on co-parenting

Fathers Make a Difference: Daily Advice From The Men In Our Lives is a collection of quotes, sayings, song/poetic lyrics and general things we have heard from our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and male loved ones.

Single Mothers Raising Boys Resource


  • Hints for single moms raising boys
  • How to communicate with teenagers
  • Talking with boys about sex
  • Parenting in the age of technology
  • Preparing for the Child Study Team
  • Finding mentors for boys
  • The 411 on co-parenting

Raising Him Alone is more than just a book. It is a source of inspiration for the millions of single mothers who struggle daily with the challenges of raising healthy and productive boys to become responsible men.

Family Forums help schools increase parental involvement. Resource sessions can be offered individually, as a series, or one day conference. Presenters conduct hands on activities to share resources and address common concerns.

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